Who Should Apply?

Madrona provides an academic and social experience suitable for many children. Our student body is incredibly diverse in traits and abilities.

Although we specialize in the unique needs of gifted children, our approach suits many different types of learners. Children who enjoy advanced material and are comfortable with faster pace instruction in at least some subjects usually do well at Madrona. Students who come to Madrona might also be:

  • Excelling in their current environment and ready for the next challenge
  • In need of a new perspective following disheartening school experiences
  • Particularly sensitive
  • A perfectionist
  • Dealing with learning disabilities in one or more areas
  • Varying in their strengths across academic subjects

We value balance and diversity in our student body. If you are considering Madrona for your child, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our How to Apply section for more information.



Madrona welcomes students from across the world.

You may qualify as an international student at Madrona if you meet all requirements of Madrona’s admissions process, hold a valid study permit as a student or hold a valid study or work permit as a parent.

Due to the nature of our school, all Madrona students must be proficient in English. We do not offer an ESL or ELL program. To confirm you meet these requirements, please contact the Admissions office.