The Motivated Learner

What drives gifted children? Sometimes the adults in their lives are puzzled by the intensity of their passions or by the gap between what they seem able to achieve and what they actually do.

At Madrona, we place great value on finding all of our students’ motivation and giving them reasons to enjoy being at school.

If they are highly motivated, we want our efforts to reward theirs. If they are disengaged, we will find a way to rekindle their spark.

Children are born with an innate drive to learn, and, ideally, their homes and schools provide a suitable context for their emotional and intellectual growth. Not every child can thrive in every setting, however. When children find that academic work doesn’t offer the level of depth or pace of new connections which suits their brains, their motivation suffers. Less obvious perhaps but more significant is that children, especially those who are highly sensitive, often don’t feel safe enough to learn when they don’t have secure connections with the people around them, including their teachers.

At Madrona, we want every student to feel seen, heard, and understood.

We place a lot of emphasis on creating the relationships which will lead to satisfying educational experiences for everyone. Our high ratio of adults to children allows for a balance of instruction, guidance, and support for independent learning to suit each individual. Whether students are anxious perfectionists who find it hard to complete anything without help, or voracious learners who burn through material on their own and ask for more, we want to know them well enough that we can be the kind of teachers they need in a range of different situations.