Student Testimonials

“I think Madrona is a great school for people who have been bullied, like me, because the teachers are very supportive of all the kids in the school.  The time at Madrona passes by really fast, because we are all having a lot of fun.”

–          H.W.

“Last year I hated going to bed Sunday night knowing I had to go to school Monday morning. Now at Madrona I wake up Monday morning with excitement knowing what is planned for me that day! SCHOOL IS FINALLY FUN!!”

–           D.S. 


Parent Testimonials:

 One of the best testimonials came straight from my daughter. After loving preschool and kindergarten, upon entering grade one my daughter suddenly had anxiety going to school. We would reach the school’s door and stomach aches would come on and I could see her waiting for me at the door at the end of the day. She told me “this school is just so long.” Thankfully we found Madrona and Eric welcomed us mid-year with open arms. After her first day my daughter said “I love this school it’s sooo much shorter!” (The school time at Madrona in fact being a slightly longer day!) The reality was she was simply not being challenged at her other school. From the day she switched schools in the middle of grade one until today about to enter grade three, my daughter has never again complained of a long day. In fact it’s often hard to get her to leave at the end of the day. The teachers and level of education are beyond comparison. The one-on-one attention is incredible! This is one of the best things about Madrona. My daughter is an incredible reader and excels at language arts while her math needs some help. Rather than having her do extra work outside the classroom she now receives one-on-one math time in class and this has improved her skills immensely. At the same time all the teachers continue to raise her already exceptional language abilities. I’ve watched as they individually work with each child in both their gifted areas and areas that need work. Leaving nothing to chance, each skill area is addressed at that particular child’s level. They work every day out the love of each of our individual children.”

–          K.B.


“The support and encouragement given by the teachers on a daily basis have given our son many occasions to feel good about himself.  His overall confidence has improved noticeably over time which is extremely gratifying to see.”

–          A.P. and T.L.


“Madrona is a very special school that provides a rich, nurturing and caring environment that has brought out the best our son and allowed him to truly thrive. It is amazing to see the transformation in a child when they are able to work at their own pace, at their own ability level (rather than grade level) and when they are in a completely supportive environment taught by the most caring teachers with forward thinking and engaging curriculum. The best decision we ever made was to enroll our son in Madrona. It has changed our lives!”

–          L.P. and J.L.


“Madrona is a truly unique educational environment. Before we found it, we were faced with a stark choice between our child’s intellectual interests and social wellbeing. At Madrona, our child can play and enjoy other children of varying ages and, at the same time, learn things that are actually interesting and challenging! The small class sizes and fantastic teachers complete an all-round wonderful school.”

–          R.C.


“My child is thriving in Madrona’s small school environment with a high teacher to student ratio. The nurturing, family-like atmosphere, with dedicated and energetic teachers, creates a learning climate which keeps students interested, challenged, and fulfilled. When I ask my son what he likes most about his school, he says: ‘Everything!’ Madrona is what education should be.”

–          B.L.


 “Madrona has reignited in our daughter the flame of curiosity that had been all but extinguished by the public school system. Madrona’s skilled and dedicated teachers have transformed her from a girl who was struggling bitterly with remedial math to one who is mastering math a grade above her own, and loving it. Ample access to technology, a high teacher to student ratio, and caring engaged teachers help her to overcome her organizational and output challenges. Yet her need for intellectual stimulation is satisfied by an invigorated approach to the B.C. curriculum with considerable enrichment in all subjects, including French and music. Her thirteen classmates and the Madrona teaching staff have become her second ‘family’. How many ways are there to say, ‘Thank you’?”

–          S.K. and G. G.


“Madrona is an institution which embodies the rare balance between excellence in academics and personal character building of its students.  The staff work together to encourage out the best of each child, capitalizing on their strengths while working on their weaknesses.  The small class size permits precision and accelerated learning in core subjects while allowing time for unique extracurricular opportunities such as connecting with students in Africa, gardening, cooking, photography or music performance.  It is a joy to say that my child’s year at Madrona has been time well spent.”

–          J.J.


“Madrona School has been an excellent fit for both of my children, who are currently in grades 5 and 6.  The small class size, the high staff-to-student ratio, the respectful atmosphere, and above all, the unwavering dedication and devotion of the O’Donnell’s to each student’s individual needs, makes Madrona School a rare and special place.”

–          R.L.