Learning to Take Risks

All children have a unique relationship to risk-taking when it comes to their education. Some are confident learners who shrug off mistakes and persevere through the toughest challenges, while others are perfectionists who experience every error as a personal defeat.

Particularly for gifted children who are used to grasping new material with ease, dealing with difficulty can be a new and discouraging experience.

Persistence and hard work are skills that every life-long learner needs: whether in kindergarten, graduate school, at a new job, or in interpersonal relationships, we all eventually encounter problems whose solutions are not immediately apparent.

At Madrona, once we establish trust, we give our students opportunities to engage with challenging material at a level suitable for their individual needs. Caring and compassionate teachers help students to:

  • Understand their learning styles and strengths
  • Tackle their weaknesses as a matter of routine
  • Cope with disappointments and “failures”
  • Experiment with new approaches and techniques
  • Reach beyond easy success

As a result, children develop confidence in their innate intellectual abilities, learn to persevere through difficult problems, and sustain their self-esteem through success and failure alike.