How to Apply

Want to learn more about Madrona?  We encourage you to explore our website and begin the process below.



Submit an online Inquiry Form to our Admissions Team.


The second step of our admissions process is an interview between parents or guardians and our Admissions Team. This initial meeting is a great way to provide the school with a detailed picture of who your child is socially, emotionally, and academically. It’s also a great chance to ask questions about Madrona and see how your child might fit in to the school community.

Interviews are typically 1 hour long and include a tour of the campus. Parents or guardians are required to bring the following documents to the interview:

  • A copy of any past psychoeducational assessments
  • Copies of any relevant reporting from Occupational Therapists, Behaviour Interventionists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, or educators
  • Copies of past and current Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Copies of your child’s past two report cards
  • Detailed student class work or at-home projects (optional)

Interviews will be scheduled based on the point of entry you wish to enroll at. Please note that interviews do not guarantee a spot within Madrona.



Student visits are an integral part of the admissions process. Shortlisted families will be contacted for a visit day. Student visits are a way for Madrona and the student to see what a typical day would be involve. K to Grade 3 Applicants are required to do an initial half-day visit and then, if successful, a subsequent full-day visit. Grade 4 and above students are required to do a full-day visit and may be asked to come in for a second or third visit if the school deems necessary.

Please note that student visit days do not guarantee a spot within Madrona.



After the Student Visit a decision will be made in consultation between staff, admissions coordinators, school counsellors and school administration.

Decisions on whether the child is a fit or not are made with staff, the current cohort, and the applying student in mind.