Secondary Program: Grades 8-10

Madrona Secondary students have the opportunity to benefit from a new and energetic High School program. A complete curriculum for grades 8 through 10 is being offered from September 2016.

Skills in citizenship, ethics, and social and scientific analysis are increasingly emphasized at the Secondary level, as students near the time they will graduate into adulthood and embark on the path of their choosing.

Our high school students have the opportunity to participate in advanced studies in technology, the humanities, and art. They receive the same individualized education as our Primary and Junior students, and continue to cover all required subjects in the BC Ministry Curriculum.

Fundamentally, Madrona Secondary is committed to the balance of academic, emotional, and social well-being that we strive to foster in all of our students. The Secondary program will challenge students academically, but will also allow time for the rest, relaxation, and social development which all young adults require.