Primary Program: Grades K-3

Our Primary students study core subjects in small groups, allowing them to progress at their own pace while receiving individualized instruction and support all along the way.

In each subject, we group students based on:

  • Interests
  • Ability Level
  • Learning Style

In addition to all required subjects in the BC Curriculum, our Primary students also begin developing their critical thinking skills and expression through child-based Philosophy lessons. They learn the basics of Computer Programming using a visual programming language developed by MIT, preparing them to take part in our Interdisciplinary Technology Program in their Intermediate years.

Primary students also take part in Learning In Depth, a program in which they are each assigned a topic to study throughout the year, from a variety of angles, becoming experts in their subject area.

There is supervised physical activity every day. Physical Education at Madrona is varied and fun. Recent activities have included children’s yoga and Zumba classes, ice skating, swimming, and outdoor PE classes at the park.

In all our programs, we seek to balance rich opportunities for intellectual growth with the time needed for children to absorb and integrate what they have learned. Each day includes time for rest, play, and fun. We want every child’s day to be academically and emotionally fulfilling.