Intermediate Program: Grades 4-7

Intermediate subjects are taught in blocks of varying lengths, in small groups based on:

  • Interests
  • Ability Level
  • Learning Styles

Our intermediate students learn from and assist one another, growing their confidence for autonomous learning under the tutelage of knowledgeable and dynamic teachers.

All students study all subjects in the British Columbia Curriculum. Intermediate students engage with a variety of other relevant topics, including Current Events, Music, and Art. Critical thinking, scientific literacy, and strong skills in reading and writing are emphasized at the Intermediate level. Intermediate students participate in our Interdisciplinary Technology Program , giving them a fundamental understanding of how technology works and relates to many real life contexts.

There is supervised and varied physical activity every day. Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Walking or running
  • Playing games at the park
  • Dance classes
  • Rock climbing at a local gym
  • Use of other community facilities (such as ice skating and swimming)

Every day also includes time for play and rest, both of which are essential for children’s development. In all our programs, we seek to balance rich opportunities for intellectual growth with the time needed for children to absorb and integrate what they have learned.