Gifted Children

Madrona knows that high-ability children both have amazing potential and can face special challenges. We keep an eye to developments in the field of gifted education and meet every child as we find them. Read on to learn more about some of the ways we work with very bright and gifted kids:

Sensitivity and Giftedness: High abilities often come with greater intensity of emotion. Click here to read more about how we work with sensitive children.

Taking Risks: Very bright children sometimes need support in learning to persevere when they are first challenged with work above their current level of ability. Madrona works to gradually build confidence in our pupils to work through the tough stuff.

The Learning Journey: High-ability children can sometimes plow through material at lightning speed, and sometimes want to slow down and dive deep into a topic. Click here to see how we work to balance these needs.

The Motivated Learner: Motivation can be a challenge for some gifted children who have experienced school environments that were the wrong fit. Madrona prides itself on working to expand or rekindle children’s love of learning.

Gender and Giftedness: Giftedness presents in children of all genders. Click here to read more about how we approach co-education at the school.