Madrona is expanding to become a full K-12 school!

Beginning in September 2015 with a grade eight curriculum, we will add a new grade to our program each year. By 2019-2020 we will be offering students a full K-12 education.

We are undergoing this change with intention and a great deal of thought. Central in our plans is that we remain true to our commitment to providing quality, student-focused education in small classes.

As we expand our programs into upper grades, we will continue to meet all Ministry curriculum requirements. We also hope to provide many electives, allowing a high school education at Madrona to be just as tailored to student needs as our Primary and Intermediate programs currently are.

Ultimately, we believe that we are best suited to provide further learning to Madrona students beyond the Intermediate level. We want to give students the opportunity to experience the continuity of having a highly individualized education, delivered by teachers who understand their needs and abilities, all the way to their high-school graduation.