About Madrona

Madrona School is an independent school with a focus on the needs of bright and gifted children. Subjects are taught in small groups based on students’ abilities and learning styles, with between 6 and 12 students per teacher in each group.

Madrona focuses on nurturing the whole child, valuing the development of social and emotional skills alongside academics. At different stages of their education a Madrona student may study art, music, philosophy, and technology as well as the regular subjects in the BC Curriculum.

We currently offer teaching to students grades K-9.

If you are interested in learning more about Madrona, we welcome you to explore our website or contact us to arrange an interview.

Some good places to start your journey:

Commitments to Learning: Click here to read about our core commitments to the children and families we work with. Click on each commitment to see more about what it means at Madrona.

The School Community: Click here to read about the kinds of parents and teachers who make Madrona feel like home.

Testimonials: Our students and parents know Madrona best. Click here to see what they have to say about the school.

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